Paintless dent removal (PDR)

Paintless dent removal (PDR)

is a method used to remove minor as well as large dents from a vehicle’s body without the need for panel beating or spray painting. At Mobile PDR, we offer dent removal services using specialized PDR techniques and equipment. The most widely used PDR techniques make use of specially designed tools to gently “massage” both large and minor dents and creases from the inside of the body panel. Technicians can also make use of a special glue or specialized tabs to pull out dents and creases from the outside of the body panel.

Our highly skilled dent technicians have extensive experience in PDR and are experts in using this technique for effective dent removal. The expertise of our technicians combined with our use of advanced equipment and techniques enables Mobile PDR to deliver flawless results, every single time.

The requirements needed to qualify for paintless dent removal are as follows:

  • The paintwork of your vehicle should not be damaged
  • The dent can be done on  the bodyline.
  • The dent should not be on a body line
  • The dent should not be on the edge of any panel

That’s it! If the damage to your vehicle adheres to the above mentioned requirements, it is suitable for PDR